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Early Pregnancy Signs: How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

Published on 05/28/21

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re pregnant, or would just like to do some preliminary research, you’ll be pleased to know there are several early pregnancy signs. Now, these signs don’t mean that you are definitely pregnant, but if you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, it may be time to get a test.

Keep reading if you’re someone who is trying to conceive or even someone who is going through their first trimester right now and would like to know if their symptoms are abnormal, strange, or completely natural. Hopefully this article can answer some of your questions and address some of your concerns.

Early Symptom #1 – Eye Twitches

While researchers don’t know exactly why eye twitching happens during pregnancy, they have discovered that certain parts of the brain (like the basal ganglia) can cause twitching. 

A lot of the causes for eye twitching are related to the physical changes that happen during pregnancy. Some of these could include fatigue or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The body uses a lot of energy during conception. Many women will turn to prenatal vitamins or an extremely balanced diet to obtain the nutrients they need for themselves during this time.  

Your body needs vitamins and minerals like magnesium and potassium to help control your nerve impulses and muscle contractions. In some cases when someone is deficient in these essential vitamins, they will develop an eye twitch.

Early Symptom #2 – Breast Tenderness

Similar to puberty, the body undergoes hormonal changes during conception and pregnancy. In addition to hormone changes, the body is also building up vital strength in the tissues and fats in the breast’s milk glands. Your body needs an increased blood flow to that area in order to strengthen itself properly. 

Many times this can lead to your breasts feeling heavy or sore. Sometimes there can even be slight pains when wearing bras or exercising. In some cases people have reported that it felt like their breasts were slowly growing.

This is normal and actually a sign that your body is healthy and preparing itself properly for pregnancy.

Early Symptom #3 – Easily Fatigued

Fatigue and tiredness in pregnancy can be something that you experience very early on, sometimes even before getting a positive pregnancy test. It’s also something that you can experience during pregnancy as well as afterwards.

Hormone changes, specifically in early pregnancy, can lead to extreme tiredness or the exhaustion you may be feeling. Progesterone helps to relax everything and can make you very sleepy.

In addition to hormone changes, your blood flow will also increase. There is an extra demand on the heart during pregnancy. It’s working overtime to get all the blood to places it needs to be like the placenta. There are also blood sugar and blood pressure changes that occur. Your blood pressure may be lower than normal, which can also make you feel tired. 

To add to all of this, simple changes in mood can become exhausting and definitely affect your energy by making you feel fatigued more often and less motivated.

Early Symptom #4 – Overly Emotional 

You may find that you’re more emotional than normal. You may also be experiencing irritability and anxiety or even sadness. This may be followed by euphoria or happiness suddenly as you experience different types of mood swings. 

For those who already suffer from mood disorders, you may find that your normal coping mechanisms don’t work as much as they used to. You might even have to prepare for the possibility of experiencing postpartum depression. For those who don’t know if they’re experiencing early pregnancy, it is good to pay close attention to what you are feeling and why.

Early Symptom #5 – Heartburn

Even if you’re maintaining a balanced diet, you are still experiencing more heartburn than normal. A lot of times, diets will change during pregnancy because of the nausea and vomiting associated with hormone changes. 

Increased heartburn is a result of the increased progesterone in your body during pregnancy and early pregnancy. This can relax the valve between your stomach and your esophagus, which can lead to more heartburn than you would normally be experiencing. 

Oftentimes, women who have never experienced heartburn will begin to experience it in early pregnancy. This is definitely a sign to pay attention to if you begin to experience heartburn suddenly even without any changes in your diet.

Early Symptom #6 –  Cramping

This can be a feeling very similar to premenstrual cramps, so it can be hard to tell it apart from early pregnancy. Most women experience some abdominal aches and pains during early pregnancy. To no surprise, a lot of these early pregnancy developments are accompanied by significant change to how your body functions. 

Many changes are occurring, and one of the ways your body registers this is through cramping. There are a few reasons why, and the most common reason is your hormones. Your body is producing a flood of hormones, some of which cause cramps as the body prepares to expand and change. Virtually every organ system in your body needs to adapt and cope with the increasing changes your body demands during pregnancy. 

Other stresses include implantation. When the newly fertilized egg implants into the lining of the womb, a woman can experience implantation cramps accompanied by a very small amount of bleeding.

Early Symptom #7 – Heightened Senses

Even if you don’t know that you’re pregnant, you may suddenly realize that you’re smelling unusual things like car fumes or smoke way more prominently than before.

Why do you experience a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy? Well, it has to do with hormones again. When you are pregnant, your estrogen builds up in your own body as well as in your placenta in order to support your baby’s health. Simply put, you have more estrogen in your bloodstream, which is what causes you to have a more sensitive sense of smell!

A heightened sense of smell can actually be a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. This is actually tied together with feeling morning sickness and other symptoms of nausea and vomiting. You have so much more blood flowing and a higher blood capacity in your nose’s blood vessels. This, in turn, contributes to strengthening your sense of smell.

Everybody’s Every Pregnancy Signs Are Different

Though we’ve covered some of the more common early signs of pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing something specifically we did not mention, and want to talk to a professional. 

Women in early pregnancy will experience quite a few strange and even uncomfortable sensations, twinges, and cramping. Each pregnancy can be quite different, so consider these bumps along the road in an amazing journey. Please note that if any of these symptoms are severe or prolonged, make sure to contact your doctor immediately.