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Labiaplasty & Vaginal Rejuvenation

Labiaplasty & Vaginal Rejuvenation in New York, NY

When done right, labiaplasty is a relatively straightforward procedure that can yield numerous benefits. Our specialists at Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine have developed a holistic treatment approach for this procedure.

We help you get past the stigma associated with it so that you no longer have to suffer in silence. With our expert treatment, you will be able to harness its aesthetic and functional benefits and avoid the psychosocial and physical challenges that result from labial enlargement.

Understanding Labiaplasty

Also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty is a type of surgery performed to adjust the size of the inner vaginal lips (labia minora). Our doctors carry out this procedure with the objective of altering the structure as well as the size of the female genitalia for functional and cosmetic reasons. In certain cases, this involves reducing its size, enlarging it or reconstructing it.

The labia minora are the lip-shaped skin folds covering the vaginal opening. Understandably, the appearance of the external female genitalia varies significantly from one person to the next. In some cases, the labia minora might protrude outside the labia majora (the hair-covered, outer lips of the vagina).

Some women experience discomfort with the twisting and chafing of this protruding tissue during physical exercise or sexual intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery seeks to address this physical discomfort and/or the perception of asymmetry that comes with elongated labia. Others might undergo the procedure for gender affirmation.

Benefits of Labiaplasty

Here are some of the foremost benefits of this procedure:

Physical Benefits

  • Elongated labia often cause physical discomfort and pain during activities such as cycling, walking, running or intimacy. Adjusting the size can provide relief and make these activities more enjoyable.
  • Some women experience significant discomfort when wearing tight clothes such as swimwear and leggings. This procedure can increase their comfort with a variety of clothing designs.
  • The extra tissue on elongated labia poses a hygiene risk as it exposes one to a higher risk of infection. Resizing the labia can make it easier to maintain proper hygiene.


Psychological Benefits

  • Women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia get an opportunity to improve their self-confidence and esteem after having the procedure.
  • It can help to alleviate the anxiety and distress that some experience during intimacy, improving the quality of one’s sexual function and satisfaction.


We Offer Advanced Labiaplasty Services

A successful vaginal rejuvenation surgery should provide balance in symmetry, comfort and appearance. Our professional team of surgeons at Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine has been carrying out this procedure successfully for decades and achieving this balance.

We use advanced, minimally invasive options to streamline your surgery and reduce pain as well as shorten the recovery period. Some of our options include laparoscopy and laser surgery, both of which focus on precision and faster recovery.

Why Choose Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine for Labiaplasty Services?

The Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine team of doctors and surgeons has an impeccable reputation for handling this procedure. We consistently hone our skills through training programs, adopting the latest best practices to keep in step with technological changes and medical research.

Our expertise in advanced vaginal rejuvenation services has enabled us to create an exceptional track record of high success levels and patient satisfaction. We provide appropriate diagnosis and a personalized approach to help patients of all ages and dispositions improve the quality of their lives through this surgery.

For more information about our labiaplasty services, do not hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment now using our convenient online booking system.