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Dr. Rachel Villanueva Inducted as NMA President

Published on 07/21/21

Rosh MFM is excited to announce that our very own Dr. Rachel Villanueva was inducted as President of the National Medical Association (NMA) during a ceremony held on July 21. 

Dr. Villanueva will serve as the 122nd president of the NMA, which was founded in 1895 and is both the oldest and largest association representing African American healthcare professionals.

We are extremely proud of Dr. Villanueva for achieving this incredible honor and we know she will be a tremendous leader for the National Medical Association.

What is the National Medical Association?

From the NMA website: “The NMA promotes the collective interests of physicians and patients of African descent. They carry out this mission by serving as the collective voice of physicians of African descent and a leading force for parity in medicine, elimination of health disparities and promotion of optimal health.”

Dr. Villanueva has been inducted into the National Medical Association as the 122nd president