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Can You Drink Wine While Pregnant?

Published on 11/02/23

The Sobering Truth: The Impact of Alcohol on Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Babies


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Looming Threat

Pregnancy is a magical time, filled with anticipation and joy. However, it also comes with a list of do’s and don’ts, and one of the most crucial no-nos is alcohol consumption. The age-old question persists: does indulging in a glass of wine really harm your baby? We consulted Dr. Roshan, a respected OBGYN, to shed light on this matter and emphasize why he vehemently advises against alcohol consumption during pregnancy.


The Risks and Repercussions of FASD

The risks associated with drinking during pregnancy are far-reaching, with a term that strikes fear into the hearts of expectant mothers: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Dr. Roshan explains, “Continuing alcohol intake during pregnancy significantly raises the risk of FASD, encompassing everything from mild to severe craniofacial malformations, preterm delivery, spontaneous abortion, to neurodevelopmental delays and behavioral issues.” It’s evident that this choice isn’t just unsafe; it could label your child with a lifelong condition.


The Danger Persists: Wine and Alcohol’s Impact Throughout Pregnancy

But why is alcohol so dangerous for the developing fetus? The risks are multifold. First and foremost, there’s the alarming possibility of miscarriage or stillbirth. Dr. Roshan emphasizes, “Consuming alcohol, even in small quantities, heightens these risks significantly. The more you drink, the higher the chances become.” Even if the baby is born, it might suffer from FASD, leading to low birth weight, central nervous system problems, and lifelong behavioral and learning challenges.


Timing Matters: The Critical First Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

The impact of alcohol consumption is particularly severe during the first three trimesters, leading to abnormal facial features in the baby. Beyond this period, the danger doesn’t dissipate. Alcohol is absorbed by the fetus and lingers in its system, causing significant damage, especially to the nervous system.


Choosing a Brighter Future

It’s essential to ponder the worth of a few moments of indulgence against a lifetime of challenges for your child. Is the temporary pleasure of sipping wine worth subjecting your baby to a myriad of health issues? The answer, unequivocally, is no.


Raising Awareness for a Healthier Tomorrow

In the end, the message is clear: don’t let the temptation of a glass of wine overshadow the well-being of your unborn child. While it might be challenging, the reward of a healthy, happy baby is immeasurable. So, let’s raise a glass – not of wine, but of awareness, to ensure a brighter, healthier future for our little ones.


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