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9 Tips for Surviving Pregnancy During the Summer in New York

Published on 05/05/20

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that this summer, like every summer in New York, is going to be hot and humid. While the thought of another sticky summer in the city is something many New Yorkers dread, pregnant women carrying 20 or 30 extra pounds in this heat dread it more than most.

But the truth is, there are benefits to being pregnant in the summer. The providers at Rosh Maternal & Fetal Medicine put together a list of their top 9 tips to help you thrive in New York’s summer season.

Wear sundresses and light fabrics

Sundresses are an easy way to look great, stay fashionable, and feel comfortable — with or without an extra-large and round belly.

Slip-on flip-flops or loose sneakers

It’s common for feet to swell during pregnancy due to water retention and gravity. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about shoving those swollen feet into boots or in the summertime. Flip-flops can be your go-to footwear this season. Loose sneakers work well too.

Enjoy juicy seasonal fruits

New York City fruit stands are filled with sweet summer fruit such as peaches, watermelons, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Stock up on these healthy snacks to satisfy your craving for something sweet and also help keep you hydrated.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated in the summer is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women need more water than the average person because water plays an essential role in the development of a healthy baby. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere to make sure you don’t get parched.


You’re pregnant. It’s hot. You’re tired. Stop running around all day, and lie down in your cool apartment and rest for a while.

Protect yourself from the sun

Getting too much sun exposure can be especially harmful to pregnant women because it can lead to dehydration and overheating. Be sure to practice good sun protection habits, which include wearing adequate amounts of sunscreen, donning protective clothing and a hat while in the sun, and trying to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Catch a movie

A great way to stay out of the sweltering summer heat is to duck into a movie theater. Dozens of theaters around the city have reclining seats, making watching a movie more relaxing than ever.

Visit a museum

Seen all of the summer blockbusters? Visit one of the many museums in New York for an educational and cool way to spend an afternoon.

Head to the beach

It’s easy to get to one of the many beautiful beaches in New York. Hop on the Long Island Railroad to Long Beach or Fire Island, or take a Hampton Jitney to one of the Hampton hot spots.

For more information on prenatal care — during the summer and all year round — call Rosh Maternal Fetal Medicine. We have six convenient offices located in most neighborhoods in Manhattan, New York.